Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hong Kong Film Books From My Latest Trips Part 2

As promised here, latest Hong Kong film books part 2.

Herman Yau Director In Focus
Wai Ka fai Filmmaker In Focus
Hong Kong Cinema 79-89
20th Anniversary Of The Hong Kong International Film Festival 1977-1996
Hong Kong New Wave Twenty Years After
Hong Kong Cinema In The Eighties
A Tribute To Action Choreographers
A Tribute To Romantic Visions 25th Anniversary Of Film Workshop
Always In The Dark : A Study Of Hong Kong Gangster Films

Look out for an in depth look at a few of these, in particular Always In The Dark.


YTSL said...

When did you most recently visit Hong Kong? I think some of the books are out of stock now, so you lucked out in getting them -- or were very good in tracking them down! :)

A hero never dies said...

Hi YTSL, It was in March around the time of the festival, unfortunately I missed the few films I wanted to see as I have to book well in advance and I guessed wrongly as to when the fest would be on this year. Normally I have a little leeway, but I only had a week or so this time. Nevermind!

Out of interest which ones are out of stock?

YTSL said...

Hi again --

Had thought the older books, like Hong Kong Cinema 79-89, were.

Oh, so you came for the HKIFF? Hope you enjoyed it -- although this year's had not so many Hong Kong (and Japanese) offerings as before.

Unknown said...


I live in HK and I also Love HK Cinema.
I found your blog and I find it very interesting and useful for many things you've shared.

I have also been hunting some rare vcd/dvd's around in all sort of shops,malls and second hand cramped rooms.. However I wanted to ask you if you could kindly share which are your favorite places where you go for hard to find stuff.
I am mostly a big fan of Girls with Guns and Action from 80/90s, but some are really hard to get of course, because nobody would invest a cent to re-print those gems.
At the moment out of all the spots, the most juicy has been: Sino plaza and a store in Temple St. which comes really as big surprise cause the spot is one of the most touristic ever in HK.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Please let me know if I could also help any how to you too.

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

@ Ivan

I've had some luck in SSP around the Ap Liu Street area for OOP used VCD's

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