Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Big Deal In 24 Frames

I viewed Liu Jun Guk's The Big Deal with the intention of reviewing it, however mere words cannot possibly do the madness of this film justice. Going in I knew nothing about it and to say my preconceptions were wrong doesn't quite cover it. Instead of a review here are 24 screen caps that I hope give you some idea, beware there are significant SPOILERS included.

The Big Deal begins like this

Has not one but two Tommy Wong's

An impossibly cute Moon Lee...

and Yukari Oshima in full on chav get up...

and then there's this...

not to mention this.

Butter wouldn't melt... and oh yeah, fashion.

The story? It's something to do with this.

But forget that, this inevitably...

leads to this.

Every film should have a Yuen Wah on the toilet scene.

Magnificent suit, and it's not his only one.

Mexican stand off...

kicks off courtesy of a fart.

Believe it or not, this is a walkie talkie, no really

One more time.

Oh go on then, last time I promise.

Moon mugging

Three hand technique

never seen a film with more bruise make up, ever!

From this ....

to this.

How else could they have ended it?

I'm not sure even these screenshots do The Big Deal's level of lunacy any kind of justice, you need to see it for yourself to appreciate just how insane it is. It certainly won't be everyone's idea of what a Moon Lee/ Yukari Oshima/Yuen Wah/Sibelle Hu film should be, if you can put that out of your head and go with the slapstick madness, you may just enjoy yourself!


Unknown said...

Hmm, never even heard of this, but it looks wonderfully ridiculous!

A hero never dies said...

It really is Jay, it caught me completely off guard.

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