Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coming Soon : The Hong Kong VCD Cover Archive

I'll admit it, for a long time I saw the humble VCD as a video format to be consigned to the bin as soon as possible, however it's become increasingly apparent to me over the last few years just how important the VCD is to Hong Kong cinema fans. For all of it's many failings, it remains worthy for a few reasons, the major one being the sheer number of titles released that have never, and probably won't ever see a higher grade digital edition. Regular readers of this blog will know just how important image quality is to me, but if it's MPEG1 or nothing, give me MPEG1 all day long!

What began as an idea to document (via their covers) these rare titles has grown into more of a celebration of a format that maybe on it's way out (many of the remaining media stores in Hong Kong have given up on VCD altogether even though new titles are still being released), but will always have a place in many HK cinema enthusiasts hearts. Any HK VCD release will be posted in the form of front and back covers, the more the merrier.

The only way this project will be successful is with your help and enthusiam. If you have a VCD collection and you are prepared to help please mail me or pm me on facebook.

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