Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eurocrime Posters : Di Leo's Milano Calibro 9

My number one new old film of last year was Fernando Di Leo's Milano Calibro 9. A sublime entry in the Eurocrime genre, centred around Gastone Moschin's Ugo Piazza. Ugo immediately became one of my favourite film characters ever. Since seeing the film it's fair to say I've obsessed over it, viewing it multiple times in both it's Italian and English dubbed versions, both of which have their merits.

Here is the original German poster I picked up for the film. A real beauty, I'm sure you'll agree.


Wes Moynihan said...

Yeah, that's a fantastic poster Mart, a great acquisition ! I That art was used on my Italian Raro DVD as well. Excellent movie, I was really quite surprised how good it was, I remember thinking at the time that Guy Richie must have seen that film at some stage, and for a while it really launched me on an Italian Crime trip with the likes of The Big Racket, Heroin Busters, Live Like A Cop Die Like A Man, Revolver, Street Law and so on. I must get around to watching Violent City, Manhunt and Almost Human one of the days. Another Italian Crime flick that springs to mind is Rome Armed to the Teeth, a film I've never actually seen, but what a title !

A hero never dies said...

Yeah, you really need to see Almost Human. It's funny you mention Rome Armed To The Teeth, I've have a couple of posts to do with that film lined up.... It goes without saying you really need to see that one too! One of the coolest titles ever for sure.

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