Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where The Hell Have I Been?

You'd be forgiven for thinking A Hero Never Dies had actually gone and died. After saying I was back and raring to go, you get five posts and then silence... Almost three months of it. Anyway I'm still here, and so with as little drama as possible, cue whisper, I'm really back this time.

What can I say? Getting myself back to normal has been much tougher than I anticipated, and unfortunately something had to make way for that process to happen, so the blog and it's presence on the various social media platforms took the hit for team Never Dies. At this stage I don't want to make any bold claims for how frequent the updates will be, so please be patient, what I will say is I have plenty to cover!

In the blog's downtime I've continued my obsession with Italian cinema, tearing through the Eurocrime and Giallo genres at a rate of knots, and having a great time doing it. As for Hong Kong movies, they've taken a backseat. It pains me to say it, but the last twelve months or so have proved to be pretty dire as far as new releases are concerned. Everyone who follows the scene is aware of how the quality and not just the quantity of HK films has fallen over the last however many years, but I've always tried to stay positive. I'm sorry to say however this year feels like a new low to me. Getting back to the good stuff, I've been dabbling with buying and selling movie posters which has seen plenty of great artwork passing through AHND towers, some of which I'll be sharing in due course.

Finally, a massive thank you to those of you still stopping by every now and then who haven't given up on me, and those who've checked in on fb with me, your support means a lot to me.


A. said...

Glad to see that you are back! Has any country really recovered from their falls from grace with film production? Italy's major film production was sort of gone by the 1980s, Japan in the mid-1970s and Hong Kong around the 2000s had a large slow down. Sure there are always one or two really exciting directors, but they are all past their golden age. Even South Korea is not what i used to be.

I'd say you have all the old films to fall back on, but I have a feeling your HK collection makes mine seem quite pathetic and you've seen most all you've really saught out!

Glad your back though. I'm always looking forward to your posts.

Wes Moynihan said...

Mart, I'm really pleased to see you posting again ! I thought you had gone out in a hail of bullets !

A hero never dies said...

Thanks A, Good to be back, there's still plenty left for me to see, it's getting access to them that's the problem, so many films in distribution limbo!

It would be great to see new posts from you too, anything in the pipeline?

A hero never dies said...

Thanks Wes, Managed to dodge them all Matrix style, it was quite an impressive display for a man of my age!

Great to see you back too, what happened to the Black Hawk Down post?

YTSL said...

Hi A Hero Never Dies --

I think 2013 wasn't that bad a year for Hong Kong cinema. At the very least, I found 10 films I did get quite a bit out of viewing:-


Sure, it's not like the golden era -- but, then, what for me was the golden era of Hong Kong cinema (i.e., the mid 1980s to mid 1990s) may not be yours and is not for some others (who prefer the 1950s and 1960s, etc.).

I think part of the thing with Hong Kong cinema is that it goes through waves in terms of genres, etc. For myself, Hong Kong cinema currently is more male-oriented than I would like but I still do find quite a bit to like about it.

And I think 2014's looking good -- with 4 Chinese New Year movies that were local ones, and all of them doing better than the foreign films that were released on January 30.

Wes Moynihan said...

As soon as I posted the thing on Black Hawk Down, I regretted it, as it just didn't seem to fit in with anything else on the blog, and in fairness I hadn't anything remotely interesting to say about the film compared with a million other reviews out there so it got extracted. I actually thought no one would notice, ha, ha !

Kingwho? said...

Selling movie posters you say?????

And I stand with YTSL. I saw same awful HK films this year (Baby Blues, Kick Ass Girls) but I was happily surprised by a few (The White Storm, Control). 2013 was a better year than the past few.

A hero never dies said...

Hi YTSL, Nice to hear from you.

I don't know, maybe it's me choosing the wrong films to see, or the build up of negativity from so many disappointing movies over the last few years, but I hardly saw anything I enjoyed from this year's crop. Admittedly of the films on your list I've only seen Tales From The Dark (which I found very dull) and Blind Detective (a complete curveball, which I need to watch again, it was so far from what I was expecting).

Your "golden age" is certainly mine too, I'm not expecting anything approaching a return to those glory days, but it would be nice to have a little of that flavour spread around. Something that certainly in the films I've seen (with the exception of the previously mentioned multi genre Blind Detective) was sorely lacking.

Funnily enough Stephen Chow's Journey To The West was probably the one I enjoyed most, does that even count as an HK film though?

A hero never dies said...

It's my job to notice Wes. I think you're being a little tough on yourself there, I enjoyed it.

A hero never dies said...

Kingwho? Yes a little dabbling, definitely as much buying as selling, not just HK stuff though, so probably not that much to give you that warm fuzzy feeling!

Another recommendation for Control, I'll get hold of that and give it a try. As for The White Storm, I'll hopefully be posting my thoughts on that soon.

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