Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mail Call : My Holy Grail Laserdisc

It's mine, it's finally mine! After searching for years I managed to finally pick up A Hero Never Dies on laserdisc. While the laserdisc format is pretty much undeniably cool, in terms of pure quality it often lags behind dvd. In this instance though the laserdisc is preferable to the atrocious Universe dvd, as it has none of the horrible digital smearing the dvd suffered from, so while it's far from the presentation the film deserves, this will be my format of choice from now on for viewing the film (at least until a remaster comes along).


The laserdisc must have been released sometime in early 1999, and it made me wonder what was the final movie to be released in Hong Kong on the format? A quick google search revealed the last movie to be released anywhere on ld was the HK film Tokyo Raiders, but that was a Japanese release, do any of you laserdisc experts know?

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