Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HKMS : A Better Tomorrow

A series of HK movie synopses regurgitated verbatim from the dvd/vcd/laserdisc cover.

Supercool mobster Mark (Chow Yu Fat) is a man of honur in a world of crime.His partner Ho(Ti Lung) is having second thoughts because kid brotheer kit (Leslie Cheung)  is  an ambitious cop.Kitremains blissfullyignorant until Ho is double-crossed, their father is murdered and Ho is Imprisoned.Mark swears  to  avenge  his  friend,but  his  right  leg  is shattered  in  the  ensuing  shoot-out,a  legendary scene of sensationally choreographed gunplay.When HO Leaves the slamer he finds the crippled Mark redu to scrubbing dirt off the gang boss's stretch liomo.Both are determined to go straight,but neither Kit nor the Crimelords are done  With   them yet.Finall,Mark,Ho  and  Kit  must   face    their  destiny in a blazing crossfire of  conflincting loyalties and hot lea.Who will Survive...

Taken from the mainland Chinese Zoke release, this one really took some typing to make sure I got every detail correct! 

You would have thought they would have tried a little harder with such an iconic film, but not a bit of it!

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