Friday, March 22, 2013

Hong Kong Poster : Naked Killer

Cool original HK poster for Clarence Fok's Naked Killer. I can only think producer Wong Jing had a day off when this image was approved as it's a long way from the more well known promotional artwork for the movie (featured in this post). In fact, in comparison this poster is positively subtle (not usually one of Wong Jing's strengths), and only hints at the trashy shenanigans to come. The biggest giveaway is of course the large category III symbol, proudly and prominently displayed like a badge of honour.


A. said...

Wow. You aren't kidding with subtle. There's probably a reason not that many people have gazed their eyes on this one. It must be the same marketing strategy when they show the "battle scenes" from a Twilight film to convince the lesser male audience" "well, this might not be that bad".

This poster also shows off the giant hats which I guess most people don't think about when discussing this film.

A hero never dies said...

A. I like how there are just a few hints if you look closely enough, and yes the hats! The fashions on display in the film are quite important towards giving the film it's unique feel.

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