Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LoveHKFilm Best HK Films Ever Results

First up apologies for not being around for so long, I hope to be back to normal very soon and back to posting at least semi-regularly, but that's enough about me, it's time to get back to some Hong Kong cinema goodness.

While I've been away Kozo over at has been posting the results of his poll to find the best Hong Kong films ever, and the results were not only very interesting but also superbly entertaining thanks to Kozo's familiar style of commentary. Now I imagine anyone reading this would have not only seen the results but would have also contributed to the poll so this post maybe a little redundant, but just in case any of you missed it here are the links to each section of the list, enjoy!

Numbers 200-171
Numbers 170-141
Numbers 140-111
Numbers 110-81
Numbers 80-61
Numbers 60-41
Numbers 40-21
Numbers 20-16
Numbers 15-11
Numbers 10-6
Numbers 5-3
Numbers 2-1

In addition to the best films, you could also vote for the best performances in Hong Kong film and here are the links to that poll.

Honourable mentions
Bronze and silver performances
Gold performances
Best actors and actresses
Best performance and full list of nominations

I have two confessions to make, first I was the one who voted for Tony Leung Ka Fai in Men Suddenly In Black and I stand by that decision, it's a performance of comic genius. Secondly I completely forgot about Anthony Wong in Beast Cops, so please add one vote to his score.

I'd like to thank Kozo for all the work and effort he has put into this vote, it's hugely appreciated by me and I'm sure all the other HK cinema fans out there.

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