Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. The End.

So after around 70 days of Hong Kong movie lists, the curtain falls on Favourite Hong Kong Movies. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank every single person who has contributed to the project, obviously everyone who submitted a list, but also those who have supported the series on facebook and  elsewhere. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would receive when I first came up with the idea, I expected maybe 10 to 15 lists if I was lucky, so to get 30 plus was extremely gratifying.

I can honestly say I've had a blast doing FHKM, and I hope that everyone else has had a good time reading the lists and the thoughts of their fellow Hong Kong cinema fans. You may not always have agreed with the picks but it's fascinating how and why people make their choices. In addition, I've had a great time discovering and re-discovering movies featured on the lists and hope that you have all found at least one movie to fall in love with from this, either for the first time or all over again.

Before the final list of compiled favourites, a couple of quick stats. Across all the submitted lists there were a total of 191 different films chosen, and of those 191 choices, 114 were unique to individual lists. This is the aspect of the series I'm pleased with most, as it was always a possibility that it may be a very similar choice of films across the board, which was clearly was not the case.

Favourite Hong Kong Movies final 10 (actually 14), based on the number of appearances on lists.

10th = with 5 votes each.

Crippled Avengers

Drunken Master 2

Eastern Condors

Peking Opera Blues

Shaolin Soccer

5th = with 6 votes each.

Full Contact

In The Mood For Love

The Mission

Police Story

Wheels On Meals

4th with 7 votes.

Hard Boiled

2nd = with 8 votes each.

The Killer

Bullet In The Head

1st with 10 votes.

Chungking Express

For anyone new to the world of Hong Kong cinema, this list of movies would be an excellent jumping off point....


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Can't really fault the list, especially since so many of them were on my list also, and two were just different films from a particular series (Drunken Master and Police Story). But I am a bit saddened that only one film, "Peking Opera Blues," has women as the top stars. Maggie is an equal co-star in "In the Mood for Love" and Chungking Express has Brigitte Lin and Fay Wong in significant supporting roles, but that film really belongs to Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Almost half of my 17 picks had female stars or strong co-stars. Maybe next year the ladies will get a bit more love.

Jack J said...

Out of my 14 films 6 of them have female leads or female co-leads: Peking Opera Blues, Angel 2, Yes; Madam!, Black Cat, Rouge, On the Run.

YTSL said...

To Jack J --

I think that Stan is pointing out that you and him (and I) are in the minority in our appreciation of Hong Kong films with female leads and or co-leads.

I'm actually curious re the composition of the people who handed in their lists. The impression I get is that the vast majority are male and based in the West. I wonder which part of the West though and wonder if being in Europe vis a vis North America vis a vis Australasia has a significant impact on what films people like -- with another possible factor being age... ;b

A hero never dies said...


Your impression is correct, the lists were heavily male dominated, with only 3 female lists in total. As for where they came from, again only 3 were from HK, with 15 from the US and Canada, 4 from Australia and 11 from Europe. I don't know the age ranges I'm afraid.

I think as much as anything many contributors chose the films that got them interested in HK cinema in the first place, and for many it was mainly male dominated movies with the likes of Jackie, CYF etc. I know it would be a less male dominated list were the criteria what I thought were the best Hong Kong movies, rather than favourites.

Wes Moynihan said...

For me this whole series has been an excellent primer on HK Cinema, so much so that I linked the site on the Cult Labs board during a short discussion on HK films. It's an incredible resource for beginners.

A hero never dies said...

Thanks for posting the link Wes.

It was certainly the intention to create something to that effect Wes, and I'm really chuffed at how it all turned out.

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