Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. Stewart, Podcast On Fire

Stewart was the founder member of Podcast On Fire. Enough to gain legendary status surely? In addition he's had articles on Hong Kong cinema published in Impact and Jade Screen magazine, so he clearly knows what he is talking about, so why is he such a huge Ekin Cheng fan? Only Stew can answer that question I'm afraid. Just joshing with you Stew!

King Boxer.

Stuck on a island with only one Shaw Brothers film on my iPhone, it would have to be Heroes Two. I do have strong memories on both One Armed Swordsman & Heroes Two. But, King Boxer is full on badass!

Young and Dangerous 3.

I'm sure the public would expect the Y&D series to dominate the top ten and I could have easily copied it from the top ten Ekin Cheng films list, which i have tattoo'd on my rib cage. But, no! Let's give Hong Kong Cinema a fair chance! Young and Dangerous 3 has always been my favourite, best bad guy, some great tension and kick ass theme song!

Kung Fu Hustle.

Possibly one of my favourite action comedy's ever! Almost a live action looney toon! I remember importing the R3 HK DVD at the first chance I got, heck I even went through to Kirkcaldy and saw it in a packed cinema on a Sunday, my and my future wife were in fits of giggles at the on screen antics, heck we were giggling before Knifes even struck Stephen Chow!

Beyond Our Ken.

Easily my favourite and most watchable PHC Flick, wonderful cast, wonderful score and such a sinister story! Everyone's a bloody sinner in that flick.

Mad Detective.

The top 50 chart I wrote for Podcast on Fire, I rated Exiled over Mad Detective, which is bizarre, because I f***king love The Mad Detective, that ending scene with the shattered glass and the multiple personalities business, I ate that shit up! I've watched it several times and even put my money where my mouth is and bought the Blu Ray.

Drunken Master II

DMII was always known as one of those Holy Grail films, it's an amazing film, but a pain in the arse to find. My first exposure was a Video which was a copy of another video, which had recorded it's source copy from a copied mandarin only VCD! The subtitles we're a measly white line across the screen, but it was all about the action! Jackie Chan's crazy fight scenes and Chin Kar-Lok!!

A Chinese Ghost Story.

The Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy is a wonderful piece of Hong Kong Cinema, I believe Leslie Cheung will be known for his performance in a Better Tomorrow, but his work in ACGS is outstanding, the face of innocence in and youth coming across the natural beauty of Joey Wong! A heart warming story, a wonderful hypnotic soundtrack and Wu Ma doing some freestyle rapping 'yo!

Dragons Forever.

Come on! You know how hard it is to really choose between Dragons Forever and Wheels on Meals? A film where each of the three brothers truly share the screen time? I was introduced to this film from the UK VHS tape, again my love of comical action scenes and Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao dueling is awesome! And throwing a factory scene at the end with Jackie & Yuen Biao fighting Benny the Jet & Billy Chow?!

Warriors Two.

One of my favourite Golden Harvest martial arts films, I've hardly seen any Carter Wong flicks and I don't seek them out, but Warriors Two is easily one of his best flicks, teaming him up with Sammo Hung was a brilliant idea! I loved the old school training sequences and the god damn violence at the end!


Lam Ching-Ying was the bomb in Mr Vampire 'yo!

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