Sunday, September 23, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. Paul, Chanbara Spurt

Paul a.k.a Charlie Parker is a legend, simple as that, why? For a start there's his great blog Chanbara Spurt, tag lined Asian gangsters, Swordplay and Italian exploitation cinema. This alone does not qualify him for the status of legend though, what does are two incidents. The first being the time he was scheduled to guest on Podcast without honor and humanity and somehow contrived to watch the wrong movie, priceless! The second being his truly legendary crooning of the entire Django theme tune on the GGTMC. That my friends, makes Charlie Parker a true legend.

10. Flaming Brothers.

Over saturated melodramatic gun fest with Alan Tang and Chow Yun Fat. More Alan's movie this is a flawed but bloody film that ends in my favorite shoot out in the movies.

9. Run And Kill.

Cat III sleaze as an action movie. Kent Cheng, Simon Yam and a barbecued little girl. Do not get drunk and talk to mobsters Kent.

8. No Way Back.

Meld of undercover cop and John Woo brotherhood across the lines of law and order. Max Mok is the cop and Law Wai is the gangster. Lam Wai's assault on the police station towards the end is one of Hong Kong's best unseen action scenes. also has a pulsing score that rocks my pants daddio!

7. Killer Constable.

Big swords, period dirty Harry coppers along with big fights and big buckets of blood. If any movie teaches you to trust no one it is this one.

6. Duel To The Death.

Hyper stylised, hyper sword gore from the early 80s. New wave swordplay as it's most fun and visceral. The ending predicts later gun movies whilst nodding to swordplay films of the past.

5. The Longest Nite.

Handover headache noir as crooked cops and crooked gangsters try to outwit each other. One of Tony Leung's classic performances. This film is worth ten boring Infernal Affairs ie man on phone outwits another man on a phone who thinks he's another man but he's actually someone else. Cue people on a rooftop.

4. The Rape After.

Melvin fucking Wong. Demon Rape. Zombies. Fulci's The Beyond goes to Hong Kong. 'nuff said homies.

3. Hero Of Tomorrow.

Max Mok is the biggest name in a low key heroic bloodshed film that works in away others such as Dragon Family do not. The characters are built upon and the story flows. You may be able to predict the plot beats but it has heart where most movies of its ilk do not. The gun play is smaller scale but every bullet counts.

2. The Boxer's Omen.

Twisted Eastern  myth, magic and culture collide in a smörgåsbord of horror, revenge and what the fuck visuals. Has a reputation as being demented but I'm pretty sure The Exorcist is as demented to someone from wherever The Boxer's Omen faiths make sense. That may not be true but its so much fun!

1. The Mission.

Capturing the stillness of Kitano's Yakuza pictures with effortless Melville cool and .45 power of prime Woo, The Mission distills the essence of Johnnie To and his production in a lean, tight film. Don't
believe the hype, The Mission blows away Exiled. Plus the rickety synth soundtrack has to be heard to be believed.

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Dr. Stan Glick said...

Wow! Other than Duel to the Death and The Mission, these titles are all knew to me. Gonna hafta write 'em down for my next visit to C-town NY.

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