Friday, August 31, 2012

Recent HK Pickups : Crime, Triads And Revenge

Hong Kong crime and triad movies, Oh what would I do without you? Re-watch older ones I guess, but while ever there are ones I haven't seen I'll keep picking them up. They may not all be amazing but most have at least something or someone to recommend them.

A Shaw Brothers movie up first, The Kiss Of Death, a revenge tale starring Chen Ping, that was the inspiration for Nam Nai Choi's brutal Her Vengeance, which I saw for the first time earlier this week.

With action from Jackie Chan's stunt team and direction from Wang Lung Wei of Hong Kong Godfather fame, I'm looking forward to this one.

Another Wang Lung Wei film, this time starring Andy Lau, Irene Wan and Chan Wai Man, how can it fail with a cast like that?

Recommended by Paul from Chanbara Spurt, starring Max Mok and directed by Poon Man Kit, Paul likes this enough for it to be in his forthcoming Favourite Hong Kong Movies list.

Danny Lee playing, yes you guessed it, a cop again in a self directed effort.

Final part tomorrow.

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