Saturday, August 25, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. Phil Gillon, Eastern Film Fans

This next list comes from Phil Gillon, webmaster of Eastern Film Fans, who also writes for the excellent website Far East Films. In addition to his writing, Phil periodically appears as a guest on the Podcast On Fire Network. Phil decided on a different way to choose his picks, as he explains.....

A lot of my movies are the first I saw and although there may have been better movies around these are the ones that catapulted my imagination, inspiration and drive to make Asian movies more accessible to everyone.

10. Runaway Blues.

Andy Lau gives a wonderful performance as a man on the run in this violent gangster genre which opened the door to many a great gangster film.

09. Shaolin Temple.

Still easily one of the best Jet Li movies the film although aged now still holds fond memories of a little guy with extraordinary physical prowess.

08. The Killer.

Chow Yun Fat is a hitman with a heart in John Woo's masterpiece, the doves, the church, the slow mo, the iconic figure, the bloodshed its the epitome of cool.

07. Dragons Forever.

Jackie Chan reunites his dragons Sammo, Jackie and Yuen at their best with some fine comedic turns and then the rematch with Benny ‘The Jet and Yuen Wah provides another wonderful turn as the cigar smoking villain a pure entertainment extravaganza.

06. Wheels on Meals.

Jackie Chan brings Sammo and Yuen to the screen and doesn’t pull any punches with its villains with Keith Vitali and Benny ‘The Jet’ giving us one of the best on screen fights EVER!

05. On The Run.

Yuen Biao Acts his socks off in a rare non Kung Fu finale in fact a rare non kung fu film but once again it pulls on your heart strings and proves that beyond a doubt Yuen Biao should have had more opportunities to be the lead.

04. Pedicab Driver.

An emotional roller coaster it made a grown man cry (cough cough splutter) you also get added Lau Kar-Leung . Quite simply some of  Sammo Hung’s best fights on film

03. Police Story.

Jackie Chan had done many films before but non quite captured the artistry that Jackie Chan put on screen.  Glass Story as it was dubbed still one of the best finales to a film ever.

02. A Better Tomorrow.

Chow Yun-Fat oozes cool and certainly opened my eyes up to the Herioc Bloodshed genre. Bloody Bullet Ballet at its best.

01. Eastern Condors.

It’s probably the film that inspired my imagination and took the step from mainstream ie Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to other great icons such as Yuen Biao Sammo Hung and Lam Ching Ying. My Fav movie from 80's Sammo, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah plus a who’s who of Asian Cinema it’s the Chinese Dirty Dozen with Kung Fu. 


Phil G said...

What a great list !!!!!!! lol ;-)

Kingwho? said...

Very cool that Runaway Blues cracked the top 10. Fun list, Phil =)

Phil G said...

Thank you Im all about fun in the most part. Runaway Blues rocks ;-)

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