Monday, August 13, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. Jay, The Oily Maniac part 2

Jay, better known by his pseudonym The Oily Maniac, has a voracious appetite for all things Asian cinema. He occasionally appears on podcasts to spread his wisdom on his favourite subject and has recently started his own blog, titled The Oily Maniac's Closet. Here you can find plenty of interesting stuff from the ages. The Oily one also has not only the greatest Godzilla collection I've seen, but also the best poster collection I've EVER seen. By the way Jay, the marriage proposal is still there!

Jay has openly admitted to cheating, rather than compiling one list, he has done two. A list of Shaw Brothers titles and a separate list of other HK films. The Shaws list has already been posted, so here are the others and like that first list, Jay has done things a little differently.

A boring, predicable list from a newbie fanboy circa 1994. Between 1991 and 1997 I was chasing the dragon. Renting tapes from Asian grocery stores like I was scoring rocks from a crack house. Best of all was getting to see so many of these classics at midnight screenings within a few years of their initial release. It was amazing to see these films while they were relatively new, before they influenced Hollywood and mainstream movies.

There's such a wealth of HK films. So many people online know so much and I'm constantly learning. I feel dumb picking these.  Much like the food you grew up on always has a special place in your heart, these films are tainted with nostalgia, but they still kick ass. I could watch them on an endless loop.

No order except #1.

#1- The Killer.

Pittsburgh. Summer. 1991. The Fulton Theater. That's right, the theater where Romero's Night of the Living Dead premiered. A nice, big, old style theater and screen. I saw The Killer and it changed my life. I saw it alone. In the restroom after the film I overheard two meathead types. One said "So, do you think, they think, that's like, a real movie over there?". The other replied "I dunno, but that was some funny shit". In true Oily Maniac fashion, I have a quasi-religious experience and someones always there to piss all over it. A year or so later, I caught The Killer again at Cinestudio. Two Chinese women sat behind me. By the end of the film, both of them were in tears.

Bullet in the Head.

Once Upon a Time in China 1 & 2.

Full Contact.

Riki-Oh. The Story Of Ricky.

A Chinese Ghost Story.

The Bride With White Hair.

Shanghai (Millionaires) Express.

Naked Killer.

Dragons Forever.

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Dr. Stan Glick said...

Several of these picks were on my list also. Nice to see "Story of Ricky" get some lovin'. Not sure it would've made my list, but I feel bad that I'd overlooked it.

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