Sunday, August 12, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. Jay, The Oily Maniac Part 1

Jay, better known by his pseudonym The Oily Maniac, has a voracious appetite for all things Asian cinema. He occasionally appears on podcasts to spread his wisdom on his favourite subject and has recently started his own blog, titled The Oily Maniac's Closet. Here you can find plenty of interesting stuff from the ages. The Oily one also has not only the greatest Godzilla collection I've seen, but also the best poster collection I've EVER seen. By the way Jay, the marriage proposal is still there!

Jay has openly admitted to cheating, rather than compiling one list, he has done two. A list of Shaw Brothers titles and a separate list of other HK films. Shaw's are up first.

Shaw Bros-

I was way late to the SB party. Had seen 5 Deadly Venoms and saw some stuff on TV in the '80s, but nothing really came out on VHS except really shitty bootlegs right through to the 2000s. Many of the titles were legend in the old tape trading circles, but not much materialized. And when they did it was a pan & scan, 5th generation copy with illegible subtitles. The Shaw catalog was a holy grail, rumored to be rotting in a vault, if they existed at all. Then "IT" happened. In 2002, Celestial started releasing the Shaw Brothers' catalog on DVD. It was a whole new cinematic world to explore. I was  lucky enough to see "Come Drink With Me", "36th Chamber of Shaolin" and "Return to the 26th Chamber" at festival screenings. There's no way to even pick favorites because from 2002-2007-ish I watched a lot of Shaw Brothers dvds/vcds and things kinda got all blurry. Plus it's been 8-10 years since then, so who knows how some of those films will stack up now that I've seen a decent amount. Titles like "Men From the Gutter" I've only seen in the last year, so I hesitate to call it a favorite......yet.

In no particular order.

8 Diagram Pole Fighter.

Hong Kong Godfather.

Black Magic 2.

Boxer's Omen

Human Lanterns.

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan.

Killer Constable.

Five Element Ninjas.

Holy Flame of the Martial World.

Avenging Eagle.

Mighty Peking Man.

Saw this in the theater and the image of Danny Lee spinning that leopard with it's ballsack flopping about is burned into my eyes.


Dr. Stan Glick said...

HONG KONG GODFATHER? Sometimes there's just no accounting for a person's taste.

The Oily Maniac said...

I know HK Godfather don't hold a candle to Goodbye Dragon Inn, but I have horrible, trashy taste.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't have picked any of these at all, is a smart move having a separate Shaw Bros list, there are too many of them otherwise.

A hero never dies said...

I'm surprised Hong Kong Godfather hasn't shown up on more lists so far. To me it's the kind of film perfect for this series, not the best film by any stretch but 100% trashy fun.

A hero never dies said...

What would you have picked Unknown?

Amber said...

I am now regretting not including Boxer's Omen in my list. Dammit!

venoms5 said...

HK GODFATHER is great fun. The ending reminds me a bit of THE WILD BUNCH with the shots of the three heroes walking to their doom.

Some great picks here.

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