Monday, August 27, 2012

Favourite Hong Kong Movies. David, The Milky Way Wonderland

David Lam's blog The Milky Way Wonderland is one of the freshest out there, thanks to David's impressive and fun artwork, depicting anything from specific actors to entire films to members of our online blogging and podcasting community. Not only that but he's a mean writer too, as well as writing for his blog he also features on the Vcinemashow website along with the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow. Now if we could just get him back updating regularly....

1. Chungking Express - Wong Kar Wai.

Wong Kar Wai's masterpiece of urban malaise is the first film I watched that had a profound effect on me. It convinced me that cinema wasn't just strictly for entertainment, when done well, it has the potential to be art.

2. Happy Together - Wong Kar Wai.

The second film to convince me that cinema is the purest medium for art.

3. Running On Karma - Johnnie To.

Funny, touching, thought- provoking and unabashedly philosophical.

4. All Wells Ends Well 1992 - Chifton Ko.

One of most stellar ensemble EVER committed to celluloid. In many ways the perfect comedy.

5. The Mission - Johnnie To.

This Johnnie To film is the perfect blend of balletic action and arthouse cool. Arguably the first Johnnie To film to be labelled A JOHNNIE TO FILM.

6. The Swordsman and 7. The Swordsman II - Tsui Hark.

Tsui Hark's kinetic filmmaking sensibilities are in full display in this impressive pair of films. Plenty of off the wall swordplay, breakneck pace storytelling and topped off with a healthy dose of zaniness. It's Hark at the top of his game.

8. The Longest Summer - Fruit Chan.

Part crime thriller, part documentation of the uncertainties of the end of the British rule. Fruit Chan's most political but also most affecting film to date.

9. Eight Taels of Gold - Mabel Cheung.

A gem of a film that's full of heartfelt moments anchored by Sammo Hung & Sylvia Chang mesmerizing onscreen chemistry. A wonderful showcase of Hong Kong mellow drama.

10. Ashes Of Time - Wong Kar Wai.

Yup, another WKW film. With the exception of My Blueberry Nights, I could just fill my top ten with all of WKW's films. Anyhow, Ashes of Time is possibly one of the talkiest wuxia film. It's sprawling, pensive and melancholic. In a lotta ways it's closer to a Western than a swordplay movie. I absolutely love this film and somehow regret putting it last on my list.


Kingwho? said...

Chungking Express as #1? Hmmm? Seems familiar to me......

YTSL said...

Glad to see some love for "Eight Taels of Gold". Another Mabel Cheung-Sammo Hung-Alex Law collaboration that I've got a lot of time for is "Painted Faces". :)

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