Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hong Kong Laserdiscs : The Longest Nite

Following on from this post, the next Milkyway Image laserdisc on the pick up list was The Longest Nite. I've already blogged extensively about this superb film, so I won't go on too much, but it's worth mentioning it almost made my list for the forthcoming Favourite Hong Kong Movies.

Call me sentimental, but we will never see another format to rival laserdisc. Obviously not in pure AV quality of course, but definitely in terms of desirability.


A. said...

Good find! Is there a decent copy of this film on DVD with English subs? Or is it stuck in the same ghetto as The Mission?

This film ranks highly with To aficionados and Hong Kong film fans in general so I'm quite curious to check it out.

A hero never dies said...

Yes, it's in the same situation as The Mission. The French DVD is great, as is the film. You need to see it ASAP A.

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