Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming Soon... Favourite Hong Kong Movies

Take a wide range of fellow bloggers and podcasters, alongside a smattering of Facebook friends, add their favourite all time Hong Kong movies and multiply by the blogger's standby, the list, and you get Favourite Hong Kong Movies. List posts usually tend to be of the "best of" variety, where as I'm asking for favourites, the movie equivalent of comfort food, those Hong Kong films you can watch over and over that you're guaranteed to love unconditionally whatever their flaws.

The criteria for the list was deceptively simple, just pick your ten (or so) favourite movies with as few or as many comments about what makes each film special to you. The lists are still coming in at the moment, so watch this space....

Apologies for adding the banner again, but this is my first real attempt at this kind of thing and I'm quite proud to present it in all it's "glory" (click it to see it full size)

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