Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Steelbooks & 20% Off Blu Ray @ HMV

A quick heads up for HMV's current offer of 20% off any blu ray, the offer is good until Monday night so get in while you can. Just enter promotion code H8BLU20 at the checkout screen.

Although I'm not usually that bothered about steelbook releases, I can easily be swayed when they look great and I've gone for these two.

blu ray steel book

Double dip on one of my favourite 80's horror movies, mainly for the original untampered with soundtrack and the feature length More Brains documentary, neither of which the US release have.

Arrow blu ray steelbook

Pre-order of Arrow's release of Lady Snowblood 1 and 2 out in September, the cover is to be confirmed but this looks like it could be an excellent release.

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