Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises

New trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises ahead of it's July release date. It's one of those over edited trailers where they try to cram in as many different scenes as possible, I preferred the epic feel of the last trailer but at least they've done something with Bane's voice!

What do you think? Can it possibly live up to the hype?

Or click the link to watch in HD


Unknown said...

Can not wait for this. I think the Warner machine will ramp up the hype to the point of absurdity but I remember the bleak days when you had to convince yourself that Batman and Robin might be ok and nipples are required on a batsuit plus I trust the director. Few more weeks to go.

A hero never dies said...

John, I guess they will have to, it looks like it's had an awful lot of money spent on it. I'm really not sure about the Catwoman side of things and the trailer does nothing to convince me but I also trust Nolan, so I'm sure it will be a fitting end!

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