Friday, May 4, 2012

Mail Call Once Upon A Time In Triad Society Laserdisc

I've been trying to get hold of the laserdisc of Cha Chuen Yee's Once Upon A Time In Triad Society for a such long time, and I finally managed to pick it up. The film remains unavailable on dvd in Hong Kong and while a dvd is/was available on dvd in Malaysia, I'm happy to make my upgrade from my VCD to laserdisc.

Hong Kong laserdisc Francis Ng

This is the US import from World Video and features a different cover to the Mei Ah Hong Kong release, pictured below.

Hong Kong laserdisc

Although the World cover is more chaotic than the Mei Ah one, I prefer it as the chaos of it is more in tone with the film itself. Below is the back cover of the World release, which continues in a similar vein.

Hong Kong laserdisc Francis Ng

Just need to pick up the sequel now.

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