Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hong Kong Film Poster Ebay Fail

For the past week I'd been tracking a number of Hong Kong movie posters, a few of which I'd never seen before and one in particular that I've wanted forever. These kind of items rarely come up for sale, and when they do, they tend to be out of my price range.

The auctions had reasonable starting prices and although the shipping was expensive, the seller was offering excellent discounts for multiple purchases. Everything was in place for them to be mine, until that is, I completely forgot about when they were ending! Yes, I missed them completely.

Cynthia Khan Hong Kong poster

Queen's High is the the one I've always wanted to get hold of, I've never seen this come up for sale before.

Hong Kong category III

I've never seen My Better Half but I love this poster, it has a similar kind of lurid feel to the one for Dr.Lamb.

Hong Kong category III

Remains of a Woman.

Enemy Shadow. Again I've never seen the film but I love the poster design.

Veronica Yip Hong Kong

Three Days of a Blind Girl.

Hong Kong Category III

The Pearls of Oriental, having this hanging on the wall would have made quite the conversation piece for any visitors.

To make it even worse only the Queen's High poster went for anything like a high price, making this particular ebay fail a very frustrating one. Tit!

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venoms5 said...

I've had that happen too Martin. I haven't used ebay in a while, but when I do, I try to remember to click the 'Watch this item' button since it notifies you when a product is getting close to ending.

I've also had people snipe things out at the last second, lol. One guy did this a lot then would turn around and try to sell me the items double what I would have payed for them in the first place, lol.

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