Friday, May 18, 2012

Cool Crap : Men From The Gutter Thai Poster

After loving Nam Nai Choi's Men From The Gutter, I had a look around to see if any posters were available for the film. A quick look on ebay later and the Thai poster was available, what's more it looked really cool to boot.

Most of the posters I choose to pick up are based on how I feel about the film itself as much as the actual poster design. I've argued this through with friends before, most of who suggest the aesthetic of the poster is more important. I suppose it's a different mentality but I would hate to end up with walls filled with poster art that looks nice but for movies I either dislike or have no connection with. Of course the ideal is to have both as is the case with this poster. How does everyone else feel on the subject?

1 comment:

Charlie Parker said...

Image first, what film it is second. I can appreciate a cool comic cover without caring about the contents.

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