Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Of My January Dvd And Blu Rays Buys

Final installment of my January buys.

Neil Marshall blu ray

The Descent. Neil Marshall's modern classic on blu ray, I waited and waited for the price to come down on this and finally it did. It should benefit tremendously from the quality upgrade.

David Cronenberg Michael Ironside

Scanners. I don't keep a record of the dvds I have like other more organised people do and occasionally I think I have something when I don't, such was the case with David Cronenberg's Scanners. I couldn't actually believe that I didn't have it as it's a real favourite from my youth, anyway after a quick hop onto ebay, here it is.

Conan Doyle jeremy Brett

Sherlock Holmes the complete collection. The Jeremy Brett TV series in it's entirety, despite being a fan of Holmes, I never got into Brett's take on the character. I only ever saw a few episodes as it was on at a time when watching TV wasn't something I really did, I know for many fans Brett is the definitive Holmes, so I'm looking forward to diving in.

Lastly a few more hd-dvds, these may well be the last ones I ever buy as I think I have everything that I would ever want to be released on the format.

Kinski McDowell hd dvd

Cat People. Paul Schrader's remake of Cat People, I saw this as a teenager but can only really remember Kinski from it. That may well be for a good reason but I wanted to see it again, as I doubt my teenage mind was up to appreciating the film.

childs play hd dvd

Seed of Chucky. Something a little more trashy with the last of the Chucky sequels (so far at least), I'm sure it will be terrible but I found the others fun.

Reynolds Voight Boorman hd dvd

Deliverance. If this is the last hd-dvd, then the format goes out in style with John Boorman's classic. This was another one I thought I had on dvd but didn't, so a chance to see it in high def instead.

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