Thursday, January 12, 2012

Year Of The Dragon. Two Movies For Chinese New Year, I Love Hong Kong 2012 And All's Well Ends Well 2012

With the Lunar New Year rapidly approaching, trailers have been released for two of the CNY movies set to slug it out over the holiday period, All's Well Ends Well 2012 and I Love Hong Kong 2012.

No doubt All's Well has the edge in terms of the bigger stars but I Love HK boasts over a hundred stars, which film will win this year's box office war? Last year I Love Hong Kong won the battle and was, for this viewer at least, the better movie.


Anonymous said...

At least I'm glad to see one aspect HK film tradition hasn't disappear, the annual Chinese new year comedies.

I remember the best All Well End Well series was the 92 version as well as the 97 version. I don't know why, but the series is just not the same without Leslie Chung and the late Roy Chiao (in the 97 sequel).

Anonymous said...

All's well end's well.All I can say was "All's well end's well' if only Sandra Ng was dropped out from the movie.I hate her since I was young.All movies that had her in it,make me loose interest to watch.I'm very sorry,Sandra Ng.Though I much prefer Leslie Cheung but I also love Louis Khoo.

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