Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Nameless Gangster Trailer And Cool Song

A new bad ass (unsubbed) trailer has been released for one Nameless Gangster, I've already posted twice before about this movie and it's fair to say I was already excited for it. Having seen this new trailer I need to see it now!

I love the track playing in the trailer and found it on youtube, for your aural delight.

Yet more stills and another poster.

Love these last two stills in particular, not only is Nameless Gangster set to be the hair movie of the year, it could also be the fashion one too, check out the sartorial elegance on show in the second to last still, Choi Min Sik in his finest. The last one looks like the two actors have stepped out of a song and dance number from a broadway show.

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