Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Favourite Older Movies Seen For The First Time In 2011

I was going to do one of these lists last year, they have so much more scope than a simple top ten of the year, and by their nature are extremely varied from blogger to blogger. By the time I got around to thinking about the list last year it already felt too late to bother. This year I decided to make sure I got the list up in reasonable time, and we're only just halfway through January.

No restrictions here, other than no 2011 films and they had to be first time views and they are in no particular order.

Herman Yau's Taxi Hunter

I originally picked this up thinking it was a category III movie for the series of such movies I covered last year, turns out it was only a IIb, it didn't matter, it was great fun anyway. Full review here

Riley Yip's Just One Look

I've had the dvd of Just One Look ever since it's release but never watched it, now after finally viewing it, I was completely baffled why it took so long. A wonderful film, full of nostalgia and warmth but without the sugar that usually comes with the territory. Full review here

John Flynn's Rolling Thunder

A great movie that's been stupidly hard to find for many years, all that should change at the end of the month when the long delayed blu ray of Rolling Thunder is released, I'm keen to re-watch this asap. Full review here 

Bosco Lam's The Underground Banker

Easily one of my favourites of the category III movies I've seen. Lam's film features another great Anthony Wong performance and although hard to find, it's totally worth the effort. Full review here

Billy Tang's Run and Kill

Another category III movie, Run and Kill is simply mind blowing. It's crazy fun from start to finish and while it may not exactly be high art, it packs a powerful punch and Simon Yam is awesome. Full review here

Peter Yates' The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Along with Drive from the new releases, The Friends of Eddie Coyle was my favourite movie I saw in 2011. A truly great genre film. Full review here

Alfred Cheung's On The Run

I was aware of On The Run's reputation I just never had chance to see it before. The film more than lived up to it's billing, a great reminder of how good Hong Kong cinema could be. Full review here

Michael Mann's Thief

Can't believe I hadn't seen this before really, being a fan of Mann and Caan. This is Mann's best film for me, with Caan's best performance and a cracking soundtrack from Tangerine Dream. Full review here

Johnny Mak's Long Arm Of The Law

I thought I'd seen this before but I was wrong, a magnificent movie, recommended to film fans regardless of if they are HK cinema fans or not. Full review here

Takashi Nomura's A Colt Is My Passport

The only Japanese film on this list and it's a cracker, blending European pulp cinema influences into a uniquely Japanese whole. A great starting point to enter the world of Nikkatsu. Full review here

Ringo Lam's School On Fire

School On Fire is probably one of the most powerful and angry film's I've ever seen, a full review will follow soon as part of a series of Ringo Lam reviews. I don't mind letting the cat out of the bag a little early by saying this film blew me away.

A decidedly Hong Kong bias to the list I know but I've seen so many excellent HK movies in the last year or so it was always going to be that way. Here's hoping no matter how 2012's releases pan out it will be a great year for older films for all of us!


Steve said...

Man, Taxi Hunter is long overdue for a DVD release.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Some fine choices there, Hero.

My favorites: A COLT IS MY PASSPORT, FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE, ROLLING THUNDER, and RUN AND KILL. Did you know there is a stupendously good Austrian version of RUN AND KILL, too? Well worth tracking down.

I found TAXI HUNTER a little underwhelming considering expectations, but it had its moments.

JUST ONE LOOK is a treat, too..

Aaron said...

Good stuff, man. I've been meaning to see EDDIE COYLE ever since GGTMC reviewed it, but I keep putting it off. Definitely looking forward to watching it soon though. Gonna have to check out THIEF as well.

Daniel Thomas said...

you're making me spend money...

A hero never dies said...

Steve, the region one release is excellent if you have a region free player.

Phantom, I just love Anthony Wong in Taxi Hunter, it's one of my favourite performances of his. What is the deal with the Austrian Run and Kill?

A hero never dies said...

Aaron, Yeah Eddie Coyle is amazing, Will's enthusiasm for it in the shows after they actually reviewed it was behind me tracking it down. Thief is awesome too.

Dan, That is my purpose Dan, to keep dvd companies in business! Anything in particular?

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