Sunday, January 8, 2012

December's Hong Kong Movie Pick Ups Part One

December was a very productive month for HK dvd pick ups, this despite a disaster just before Christmas which lead to me attempting to unsuccessfully cancel some of these orders. Anyway things are just about back to normal now, so here is part one of a mammoth 28 titles in all.

He Lives By Night, not much more to say about this one as I've already reviewed it here.

To my shame I only saw Police Story III earlier this year, not sure why I delayed on it so long as it's a really fun movie with a grandstand finish that highlights Michelle Yeoh far more than Chan.

For Bad Boys Only, never seen this but it sounds like a heap of fun and a guilty pleasure in waiting, with a host of lovely ladies and the mighty Ekin.

More gorgeous girls in Stephen Chow's Lawyer Lawyer, I can't actually remember if I've seen this before, I thought I had but I'm not sure. I do love much of Stephen Chow's earlier work even if he now dismisses it as rubbish.

Taylor Wong's pairing of Rich and Famous and Tragic Hero starring Chow Yun Fat, I haven't seen these for over twenty years, I don't remember liking them too much but at that time I expected anything with Chow Yun Fat and guns to be of John Woo standards, yes I was naive! I think they are long overdue a revisit.

Hong Kong Godfather, I've wanted to see this for a long time and finally picked it up, thanks to reminders from Facebook friends, can't wait to see this.

Stay tuned for more soon.


Jack J said...

It's funny how many of us old-time Hong Kong fans were very much the same in our approach! 20 yrs ago much like you I expected every Chow Yun Fat movie to be another THE KILLER or ABT. Did you come from a horror/splatter movie background too? And did you read "In the Flesh" zine?? Me too. LOL.

Hey, I should pay a re-vist to RICH AND FAMOUS and TRAGIC HERE too!!

A hero never dies said...

Jack, very much the same and yes my HK cinema love came grew as an alternative to the horror/splatter scene. I read as many zines as I could get my hands on, including In the Flesh. Those were the days, before the internet, every choice was an adventure!

YTSL said...

"Police Story III: Supercop" was the movie that made me a born again Hong Kong film fan. (As a kid, I was regularly taken by my parents to see Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies but we stopped going to see them around the advent of home video.) It also was the first Hong Kong movie I ever owned on VHS tape.

Put another way: I owe its makers a lot. My gratitude goes especially to Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh! :)

A hero never dies said...


It's a really fun movie with a seriously impressive third act, not sure why I stayed away so long!

robotGEEK said...

28 titles?! Why such a light load? lol. I kid. I'm lucky if I'm able to pick up 5 within a month. I usually just have to end up streaming them. Either I'd go broke or my wife would give me endless "angry" stares. lol.

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