Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hong Kong Movie Buying This Month 4th And Final Part

Last part for this month and it's back to my beloved genre, the crime film.

Alex Cheung's Cops and Robbers is up first, I knew little of this film until being turned on to it by Charlie Parker's excellent Chanbara Spurt blog.

Next up is Corey Yuen's Righting Wrongs aka Above The Law starring Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrock. I haven't seen this since seeing the UK dubbed VHS back in the late 80's. Well overdue for a revisit.

Along similar lines, next up is Yuen Woo Ping's In the line of duty 4, I think this was the first time I saw Donnie Yen in a movie, I was impressed but remember being more impressed by Cynthia Khan.

Man Kit Poon's Shanghai Grand, not sure how this one passed me by with the star pairing of Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau. This handsome looking period action drama was produced by Tsui Hark, another reason I'm surprised I never saw it.

Lastly, Kuk Kok Leung's Danny Lee starring Internal Affair, I knew nothing of this at all and just took a chance. It turned out to be a mistake, as not only is the dvd not subtitled but the film is a shot on video effort that looks terrible. Can't win them all.

That's all for now.


Phantom of Pulp said...

I'm never as impressed with Donny as he is with himself. That's the wall between him and his audience, I feel.

Some good choices here, Hero.

Shame about the Danny Lee find. I like Danny Lee, but I'm always looking for a performance comparable to his in THE KILLER, and I never find it.

A hero never dies said...

Phantom, I know exactly what you mean, it feels like he has a minion holding a mirror up to him at all times these days. In the D&B days I didn't have the quite the same feeling.

As for Danny Lee, he really pulled out his A game for The Killer, which Danny Lee turned up for any particular film depended very much on the director and other cast members as he's very good in City on Fire too.

mr c said...

Righting Wrongs - loved the Cynthia Rothrock & Yuen Biao combo! Can't believe how young & dorky, Louis Fan Siu Wong is in this one! Wonder which version of the ending will play for you on your copy?

I liked the In The Line of Duty series especially #4. HK Action & martial arts at its best.

Never seen Shanghai Grand, but you're right the combo of Leslie & Andy sounds like a great combo.

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