Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Buys October Everything Else

If you read this post from last week then you will be aware this recent buys posts will be my last for a while at least, some great and some not so great stuff and then Jennifer's Body!

Don't think I need to say anymore about this one!

Halloween II. Not seen this for years, I can't even really remember that much about it, but this new blu ray release has received great reviews and this is certainly the month to rewatch it.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. A fun horror comedy, with a pair of excellent performances from Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. It has such a clever concept, it's hard to believe no one thought of it before.

Machete. Another really fun film, Danny Trejo is perfect and there's a great supporting cast. I much prefer this to Hobo with a shotgun, a similar film that had a great central performance but little else to back it up.

Tango and Cash. The fun just keeps on coming, with this Stallone and Russell team up. Read my review here.

Best Seller. 80's favourite, written by Larry Cohen and featuring a blistering performance from James Woods and solid support from Brian Dennehy. Review to follow soon.

Special Effects. Written and directed by Larry Cohen, I've never seen this but always wanted to, with Zoe Tamerlis and Eric Bogosian.

Gymkata. This film has received plenty of excellent coverage on other blogs recently including Comeuppance reviews and robotGEEKS cult cinema. It's one I remember seeing on the shelf at the video shop but for some reason I never rented it. The tagline is irresistible "The Skill of gymnastics. The Kill of Karate.

Army of Shadows. A real masterpiece from Jean Pierre Melville on Hd-dvd, one of my favourite films ever. If you haven't seen it, track it down and see it asap.

Cross of Iron. A welcome blu ray upgrade for Sam Peckinpah's classic war film. Another fantastic tagline, this one's almost literal! "Men on the front lines of hell"


Wes Moynihan said...

A great mixed bag there Mart, a great selection of arthouse and grindhouse, just the way we like it... I haven't seen Machete but I think I should... the key to Halloween II is to forget the original and just enjoy the thrills and spills... Best Seller isn't bad at all, good choice... Cross of Iron - let us know how the Blu transfer is... The Melville is great - have you seen Le Cerque Rouge - highly recommended ! By the way, I'm inching towards buying a multi-region player - heard news this morning that Criterion are doing Godzilla in January and was tearing my hair out at the thought of not having it ! Funnily enough it was Stephen King who put the thought of buying the player in my mind - earlier on I almost put down an eBay bid of 400 yo-yo's for a signed original copy of Cujo and as I stood back from the precipise and came to my senses, I felt completely entitled to shelling out 200 clams on a player. We'll see...

A hero never dies said...

Wes. Machete is probably overlong but Trejo is so good you don't mind. The Cross of Iron blu is excellent and is practically essential if you rate the film. I love Melville probably more than any other filmmaker, Le Cercle Rouge is a definite favourite but I can't think of anything he made that I don't love in some way.

Godzilla and criterion, a match made in heaven! I'm not surprised you want a new player. The thought of putting down 400 on Cujo, all I can say is that is a SERIOUS thought!

Ty said...

Nice haul! Seen all of those except Jennifer's Body.

Best Seller is very underrated. Definitely interested in your opinion. Also can't wait for your take on Gymkata!

A hero never dies said...

Cheers Ty, I'm trying to find time to fit Gymkata in asap.

robotGEEK said...

Dude, that's a sweet selection! The U.K. cover of Machete is way better than our U.S. version. I loved that film. A little long, but it's so gratuitous and outrageous and Trejo just rules that you don't mind.
Let me know what you think of Halloween II, been debating whether to pick that one up or not.
And thanks for the plug man!
Also curious to get your take on Gymkata as well.

A hero never dies said...

rG, Yeah, it's absolutely too long but as you say you don't mind too much as Trejo is such fun. You're really welcome on the plug front, I really enjoy the enthusiasm you provide robotGEEK!

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