Sunday, October 23, 2011

HKMS : Her Vengeance

A series of HK movie synopses regurgitated verbatim from the dvd/vcd/laserdisc cover.

Kit Ying, the head of a Macau dancing group, has a peaceful and calm life. One day, five drunken men, who were the murderers of Kit Ying's dad, came to watch the show and had a brawl with Kit Ying. On her way home, Kit Ying got caught. She was raped and tortured by them. After that, Kit Ying felt herself sick and was contracted the venereal disease. Therefore, she decided to go to Hong Kong to seek vengeance. She met a journalist and stayed at in his home. To earn a living, Kit Ying worked as a barmaid at a bar of Chow, her sister's ex-boyfriend with the help from Susan. One evening, Kit Ying saw one of those five men when she was on the way to work. Susan lured him away so Kit Ying could kill him. Kit Ying then started a trail of bloody revenge.

From the Joy Sales dvd, it proves even recent releases are not immune to Chinglish. The standout line being "After that, Kit Ying felt herself sick and was contracted the venereal disease." Most amusing!


robotGEEK said...

This is hilarious. lol. thanks for sharing. :) Chinglish, I love it!

YTSL said...

I have to say that I'm in two minds about amusement at Chinglish. Some bits of it can and do make me laugh. At other times though, I get to thinking, "hey, at least their English is a lot better than many other people attempting to speak or write in a 2nd (or even 3rd) language...!"

A hero never dies said...

rG. They do make me smile!

Hi YTSL, I know what you mean, it's the ones that feel like they've been done by translation software and not tidied up that are usually the funniest. I do feel it's lazy from the DVD companies not to tidy them up, and in many cases English readers would be better served by them not having the synopsis there at all.

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