Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cool Crap Halloween Edition Re-Animator Poster

Due to work commitments we're doing Halloween today, and I've lined up a couple of movies for tonight's viewing. I realised I hadn't done any horror posts for a while and so my single post for Samhain is the Australian poster for Stuart Gordon's excellent Re-Animator. One of my favourite horror films of the 80's and probably of all time, this is an original and while not in the best condition, it's my favourite of all my posters (Apart from the Hong Kong ones of course).

It's a great poster that really captures the spirit of the movie, in a way that few posters do, helped tremendously by the tagline, "Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders - and another one in a dish on his desk"


robotGEEK said...

Wow! Nice original! I love this movie. Combs will "always" be Dr. Herbert West to me. lol. Maybe I'll check this out this weekend.
Speaking of original posters, I remember about 10 years ago I bought my brother an original Return of the Living Dead poster I won on eBay for $200. Yea, I know, ridiculous. Back then I had the money to "waste" like that. lol. So I gave it to him and guess what he does? He laminates it!!!!! I guess he thought he was protecting it and not realizing after doing that it's only worth the paper it was printed on. Oh man. lol.

A hero never dies said...

rG. Love Re-Animator, shame about the sequels though! That's terrible about the R.o.t.l.d poster, did you tell him?

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