Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent Buys August Hong Kong And Asian Film

Time for another round up of what I've been buying in the last month or so, it's a nice eclectic bunch of titles again and I've done a little better on the Hong Kong front this time.

Ringo Lam's excellent City on fire on blu ray, I've been burned before with HK blu ray releases but this one is apparently very good, look out for a review soon.

Sion Sono's amazing Cold Fish on blu ray, read my review here

Always wanted to see this gross out horror Devil Fetus, another category III "classic"

Achillesgirl's post on Anthony Wong's character in The Kingdom of mob made me eager to see this film even though she doesn't like the movie.

A bizarre mixture of Robocop and category III shenanigans in the hilarious Robotrix.

Wai Ka Fai's Written by starring the great Lau Ching Wan. Picked this up cheaply from Amazon marketplace, really looking forward to watching this.

Look out for everything else non Asian soon!


A. said...

They played Robotrix in Ottawa months ago.

I had to be out of town that day...ah well.

venoms5 said...

Nice haul, Martin! I didn't realize ROBOTRIX was on DVD subbed. I have that DEVIL FETUS disc, too. I'd never seen it before outside of its trailer, but it's apparently missing some footage. Reportedly, several of the Fortune Star horror DVD's are missing scenes from them. Still a wacky movie, though.

Kingwho? said...

Good stuff, AHND!

Kindom of Mob is a touch slow but it's decent and has Anthony Wong as a priest. haha Awesome!

Devil Fetus you should enjoy. I have the vcd. It's fun.

Robotrix is a classic. Ken and I are planning on doing a This Week In Sleaze Double Bill, featuring Robotrix and Escape from Brothel. the link is Billy Chow being a son of a bitch in both films. =P

I saw Written By at the NYAFF a few years ago. It's a VERY different kinda Milkyway drama. Not great but the fact that it's something a touch different from the company makes it a fine watch.

Enjoy and let us know what ya think!

A hero never dies said...

A. Robotrix must be a complete blast in a theatre with a sizeable crowd, I guess that kind of opportunity doesn't come around too often.

Venoms5. It's about on par with the other Joy sales legendary collection discs I have, no restoration but it's reasonable quality. The subs aren't great but you get the idea.

Kingwho? Really looking forward to seeing Wong in Kingdom, especially after reading Achillesgirl's piece. Billy Chow really is a S.O.B in Robotrix, I haven't seen Escape. I'd had Written by on dvd for ages and just not watched it, don't ask me why.

Jack J said...

Hey there,

The DEVIL FETUS dvd is missing some nudity compared to the old VHS, but in reverse it has some gore which is missing from the video.

A Cinehound member made a comparison:

A hero never dies said...

Thanks for the info and link Jack, very interesting to know. Welcome to the blog!

robotGEEK said...

Sweet buys! I still have my Robotrix dubbed letterboxed VHS from forever ago. lol. I think I need to bust that sucker out soon for a review!

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