Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail Call More Hong Kong VCDS From France

I've just received another package of Hong Kong vcds from France, this time I made a right royal pigs ear of it as I bid on a few titles and then completely forgot to check back on them, resulting in me losing out on the titles I was most interested in! So I ended up with fewer shiny discs of fun than anticipated but here are the titles I did get.

Two Hong Kong greats star in The H.K. Triad, not sure what the film will be like but this is one of the few Lau Ching Wan films I haven't seen.

From the director of Dr.Lamb comes Dial D for demons, not expecting much from this one other than a hopefully fun horror romp.

Andy Lau in A True mob story from Wong Jing, you can never be sure what you are going to get from WJ, hopefully this will be one of his better efforts!

I know absolutely nothing about this film, it came with one of the others, anyone?

The Fruit is swelling, the only category III title I managed to snag, the titles I missed out on were all cat III's.

Look for reviews of some of these titles soon.


Wes M said...

I love the Mail Call posts... I think it's kind of exciting to be sitting down with these unknown films - I know in my case because money is always tight, I make sure that any blind-buys are right up my street as it were, making film collecting a little boring... it was far more exciting (and addmittedly frustrating) back in the VHS-collecting days - I mean I couldn't get over stumbling across something like Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things at Movieland's big warehouse sale...thinking where has this film been all my life ? (Jeez, what I would give to go back to that warehouse now !)

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a "true mob story" a long time ago. All I will say it is that it is one of Wong's better triad films (relatively speaking), with an "unconventional ending".

A hero never dies said...

Wes, I do enjoy picking up unknown stuff as long as it's fairly cheap! Most of my purchases are researched to some degree, as you say money is tight! I'd love to know more about the Movieland warehouse you mention.

A hero never dies said...

Anon, You have me intrigued about A True mob story, It's good you say it's a better WJ film but it's the comment about the "unconventional ending" that I'm really interested in...

dr.lamb said...

A True Mob Story is excellent and features an outstanding performance from Andy Lau. It's almost as if he's paying homage to all the gangster types he played early on in his career.

Shocking that the film didn't garner any major awards.

A hero never dies said...

dr.lamb, A True mob story just jumped to the top of the to watch pile! Hope I enjoy it as much as you.

Kingwho? said...

I'm with Anon and Lamby. A true Mob Story might be my favorite Wong Jing pic. It's quite a strong triad entry from Jing.

You should also enjoy HK Triad. It's a bit polished and not nearly gritty enough but Lau and Ng do very well.

Dial D for Demons is not a bad late in the game entry from Billy Tang. Nothing too shocking or severe, it's still a passable romp with some really good looking scenes.

I have Lost Control on LD but haven't gotten around to it yet. the director, Jon Hau, is a hack. I think he's a turd director, hence why I haven't gotten around to this one.

The Fruit is Swelling is a charming and silly CAT III coming of ager. It kinda goes hand in hand with director Cash Chin's Growing Up and The Fruit is Ripe 3. All fun little films dealing with the awkwardness of sexual awakening. Light and dirty fluff.

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