Thursday, August 25, 2011

HKMS Episode 3 Lifeline

A series of HK movie synopses regurgitated verbatim from the dvd/vcd/laserdisc cover.

A disastrous grade-5 fire broke out (meaning that everybody must evacuate). There are lots of dangerous goods, start leaking poisonous gas and cause explosion. There are still people trapped, awaiting rescue, Firemen including Wan (Lau Ching Wan), still inside the building, decide to continue rescuing... Do they succeed evacuating eventually?

It seems even Johnnie To isn't exempt from terrible dvd synopsis syndrome, this one from the Universe dvd for his firefighting drama Lifeline is pretty bad. I love how the writer feels the need to point out everyone must evacuate "A disastrous grade-5 fire".

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sheng said...

I don't care about the DVD synopsis, man. But the subs on that Universe disc are the fastest - even by HK standards! - that I've come across in a looong time. Pretty much unreadable, you basically gotta keep your thumb on the remote control and freeze every figgin' line! Heard that the later Mei Ah release of LIFELINE is re-mastered, so they might have had the idea to slow down the subs to a Gweilo's reading speed... Know anything about this?

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