Sunday, August 7, 2011

HKMS Episode 2 Mongkok Story

A series of HK movie synopses regurgitated verbatim from the dvd/vcd/laserdisc cover.

Sai Yau is looking for a job. He ends up working in a little cafe. There, he meets Brother Ching. Ching is the head of a triad group. You want to be a member of the triad group. Ching accepts his application. The work of a triad is totally different from what Yau thought. It is not a glorified job.
Yau falls for Ching's woman Mei Yee. Ching is one day killed by Dragon. Yau goes to take revenge on him. Finally, Dragon is killed and Sai Yau is put behind bars again. Sai Yau does not understand the meeting of being one of the triads.

This synopsis is a real favourite of mine, chock full of spoilers and hilarious grammar. The one thing they do get right is that Yau's job is not a glorified one, if you've seen the movie you know why!

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A. said...

Looks like triads are recruiting members subliminally through the English plot descriptions. Do they have no limits?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Hk audience wants to know everything about the film before watching (screw the spoilers). That way they know "what to expect", and therefore won't waste their time and money, or so goes that logic.

In addition, the distributors of such films aren't expecting a large foreign audience, so they are doing the English translation more as a legal/regulatory requirement than to really entice Non-Chinese speakers.

A hero never dies said...

A. You don't want to join this particular group trust me.

Anon, That's pretty depressing if that is the case, what happened to surprise?

Entice they do though, with humour!

Anonymous said...

Well I think HK people do care somewhat about spoilers, it's just they want to get their money's worth. There was a whole bunch of second/third-rate triad flicks in the late 80's to early 90's, and HK audience did'nt appreciate having to pay money to watch those flicks. Better to get an idea of the storyline or plot than hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

It could also just be a bad/sloopy job on the part of the translator. Some translation are better than others.

Anonymous said...

I love this movie. One of my fave flicks that I picked up in Chinatown, NYC.

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