Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recent Buys : Part 2 Everything Else

Following on from part 1, here's everything else purchased in the last few weeks.

The Second wind, Alain Corneau's remake of Jean Pierre Melville's magnificent Le Deuxieme souffle is a movie I've been intrigued by, even though reviews of it were poor. I found it brand new for 99p.

Death wish, I've been on a bit of a Bronson kick lately, and haven't seen this since my teens and that's far too long ago. Which leads me on to...

Charles Bronson collection, 10 to midnight, Kinjite, Messenger of death and Murphy's law. I've only seen Murphy's law out of these, which I enjoyed and I really wanted to see 10 to midnight, the other two may not be great films but I'm sure I'll find some fun in them somewhere.

Give'em hell Malone, Loved this film, saw it on a pretty low quality version after seeing the trailer, so it should be awesome on blu. Can't get enough of Thomas Jane, he really should be a much bigger star.

Charley Varrick, This movie recently came up in comments on another post, it's an excellent film and I realised I didn't have it.

G-Men from hell, I love the comics of Mike Allred and this dvd contains not only the film but also his own Astroesque movie. G-Men from hell is obviously a very low budget film but it looks interesting and it features Gary Busey and William Forsythe, a pairing that demands to be seen.

Blowout, Both Brain De Palma and John Travolta's best movie for me, I picked up the new Criterion blu ray during the recent half price thing were running.

Dressed to kill, Speaking of De Palma, I've been trying to get the region 1 version of this for ages as it has lots of extras not on the UK disc, snagged it on ebay finally.

The Last boy scout, For my money the funniest bad ass action movie ever, and the perfect role for Bruce Willis, yes even more than John McClane! The dvd was horrible, so I'm hoping for an improvement with this blu ray. I've seen Last man standing, not one of Walter Hill's better efforts but I'll give it another shot.

Scream and Scream 2, Welcome blu ray upgrades for these two, wanted to see them again before seeing the latest installment, not really interested in upgrading number 3. I'm in the minority as I enjoy Scream 2 more than the original.


Wes Moynihan said...

An excellent and ecelectic mix there M, let us know how the Death Wish DVD looks - I couldn't find a single review of this disc online, but I do know it's uncut. I wish I had picked up the R4 Australian Death Wish box when it was in print a few years ago, it contained the ultra rare uncut edition of Death Wish II.

Man, I'm so jealous you can play Criterion Blu's - my player is firmly stuck at Region B so I'm missing out... Just yesterday, I discovered Criterion are putting out Kubrick's The Killing (with Killer's Kiss no less as an extra), finally giving this classic a fitting home, after years of suffering the bag of bones that is the MGM disc. I'll get the Criterion DVD edition anyway...

A hero never dies said...

Wes, I do like a good mix, it sometimes makes it harder to choose what to watch though! Will do on the Deathwish disc, really looking forward to that.

You can pick up a cheap crappy blu ray player that you can set to region A for not too much now, it may workout cheaper in the long run than double dipping Criterion to Criterion blu later on.

A. said...

Awesome on Death Wish and Charley Varrick and Blow Out. My fiancee got me a good stash on Criterion blu-rays during that sale too! I picked up Yojimbo, Sanjuro, 8 1/2, and M. Not too shabby at all. Tell me how the UK DVD of Charley Varrick is. It can only be better than the US one.

A hero never dies said...

A. I wanted to get the Yojimbo and Sanjuro set, but it was just over our import vat limit, negating the saving. The Charley Varrick dvd looks great, if you have a region free player I would highly recommend importing it!

venoms5 said...

10 TO MIDNIGHT is the closest Bronson came to a horror movie, I'd say. Great sleazy little movie with an incredible ending, and it's based partially on a real murder case.

THE WHITE BUFFALO is another one that Bronson did that was a monster movie western that has some interest about it. Good stuff here, Martin.

A hero never dies said...

Thanks for the tip on White Buffalo venoms5, I didn't know anything about that film!

10 to midnight will be my next Bronson after Death Wish.

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