Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recent Buys : Part 1 Hong Kong And Other Asian Movies

It's been a while since I've done a recent buys post, so here are my recent Asian cinema purchases, part two will follow with everything else soon.

Mongkok story, never seen this but Wilson Yip, Anthony Wong and Roy Cheung must be worth a watch right?

The Black panther warriors, again never seen this but an all star cast and an excellent review on Mike's Hong Kong Rewind site. Don't know why I've never seen this really.

Bullets over summer, an upgrade this time of a great movie. I wanted to watch this recently but the original Mei Ah dvd looked awful, I'm getting better but when a film IS available with better image quality I'm afraid I still can't resist!

Black Ransom, Simon Yam as a Jedi like cop, what's not to like?

Monga, Taiwanese gangster movie with a pretty big reputation, ordered this ages ago but it was delayed, looking forward to seeing it. Recommended by Kingwho? no less.

Beauty on duty, Man cannot live on crime and horror movies alone, so while it's possible I may regret this purchase at only $8.49 for the blu ray, I figured it was worth a shot.

Eastern condors, I had a previous dvd of this but lost it, no HK collection is complete without this movie so it had to be replaced.

Bullet in the head, My pick of John Woo's movies, while The Killer is just pure cinema, and sure Hard boiled has better action, no other movie makes me feel the way this movie does. It may well be another upscale but any improvement is worthwhile to me for this masterpiece!

The Man from nowhere, This movie made my top ten of the year for 2010 and with good reason, it's fantasttic. It doesn't really break any new ground but it's pretty close to perfect in execution and a must see, my favourite Korean movie since The Chaser.

Love in a puff, Pang Ho Cheung's unconventional and excellent rom-com from last year on blu ray for $10.49. Awesome!

Enchanting shadow, Early Shaw Brothers horror on vcd, recommended by Hong Kong rewind in Mike's fabulous history of Shaw Brothers horror articles. The movie is an early version of the story A Chinese ghost story was based on.

Diamond Hill, Soi Cheang's directorial debut, never seen this but I've heard good things about it, I don't think it's available on dvd so I went for the vcd.

I've gone a little mad this month, now I've just got to find the time to watch them all.


Dr. Lamb said...

Great buys man! Man From Nowhere, Love in a Puff and Bullets Over Summer are fantastic.

Wes Moynihan said...

Good stuff M, a treasure trove of Cinema there. I must say some of those HK DVD sleeves are really cluttered in terms of design ! So, when will you get to watch these ? I only get to watch a few movies at the weekend - my wife is an avid soap watcher so tonite...let's see... oh yeah, Coronation Street, and Desperate Housewives (on the Sky planner)! Tough life... I'd complain, but who'd listen ?

A hero never dies said...

Dr. Lamb, All three of those are awesome but no love for Bullet?

Wes, Yes out of all the HK ones the only cover I like is the Bullets over summer one. I've seen Black ransom and Mongkok story already and I will be watching more from tomorrow evening through the weekend. I'm lucky to be in a no soap relationship, although that doesn't mean all the viewing choices are mine. I'm a pretty good listener but I'm not sure how much I can help!

Daniel Thomas said...

as the kind of person who will buy almost anything with sandra ng in it, i'm pleased to see that i'm not the only person responsible for a copy of 'beauty on duty' leaving hong kong...

it is a very, very silly film but, if you like sandra's schtick, you think charlene is cute and you're happy when wong jing is creating his brand of dumb fun, then disconnect your brain, sit back and enjoy it more than you'd care to admit in public...

Dr. Lamb said...

I guess you're right. On Blu Ray no less. It's just a film I haven't seen in ages, not sure if it still holds up or not. The first time seeing it, I liked it but also found the deliberate cynicism a little too overbearing.

Oh, whatever you do, don't leave them on the subway because you ain't getting them back!

A hero never dies said...

Dan, you got it, Sandra is the reason I gave it a shot, I'm a huge fan of hers. It feels good to know I'm also not the only one. I'll let you know (maybe just between us) how much I enjoyed it when I get around to it!

Dr.Lamb, I'd love to know your thoughts when you do revisit it and thanks for the subway advice, consider it logged!

Kingwho? said...

Another nice haul, AHND. Diamond Hill is an intersting low budgeter from Soi. I also have this vcd.

Bullets Over Summer is another great flick. i have the poster framed and in my living room! I haven't seen the 'sorta' sequel, Juliet in Love but i've been meaning to get to it with a Bullets and Juliet double bill.

Love in a Puff and Monga were two of the more enjoyable films I saw last year. I'm sure you will get along with them as well.

Beauty on Duty is silliness. A ho-hum time waster. As Daniel kinda said, I will watch anything with Sandra Ng.

Black ransom wasn't so hot. Yam kinda sleepwalks through it. Not terrible but won't be watching it again. Ever.

And...oy vey! Black Panther Warriors! We briefly discussed this on the last podcast. It's really not a good film but as I mentioned, just sit back and enjoy it for it's wild excessiveness. For me, that is the only way to get through it. It soooo incoherent, but it sure looks damn cool!

I'm getting jealous with all of your mail calls. I've been neglecting my blog a bit but I have an Ebay purchase to end ALL Ebay purchases post to put up in the coming week. I'm swimming in HK movies! =D

Great stuff as always.

A hero never dies said...

Post it now Kingwho? You have me intrigued at what the eBay purchase to end all is, I'm really impatient!

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