Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flying swords of Dragon gate first footage and posters

UPDATE : First full trailer for the film, see it here

The first clips from Tsui Hark's reunion movie with Jet Li, Flying swords of dragon gate has been released as part of the Bona entertainment Cannes preview.

Some interesting looking footage in there, along with clips from The Great magician, Overheard 2, A Beautiful life and Wong Jing's fun looking Treasure inn.

A couple of posters for Flying swords, the first one obviously designed for the western market and looking like something knocked up in about five seconds flat!


Anonymous said...

Now this film I am really looking forward to watch. Tsui Hark seems to be getting his "mojo" back (after a few subpar works) and his on a roll with hits like "Detective Dee". Let's hope he will continue on this positive trend with "Flying Swords".

A hero never dies said...

I hope so too Anon. I'd like him to not get too carried away with the 3D elements, like he did with the CGI in Legend of Zu!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the thing. The thing with Tsui Hark, he is a wildy inventive director, sometimes his idea works, sometimes it don't. That's the most aggravating thing abut him. His best works (either as director or producer) are some of my all time favorites (i.e. Peking Opera Blues, the Leslie Cheung's superior version of Chinese Ghost Story, Once Upon a Time Series, Swordsman I and II, A Better Tomorrow, New Dragon Inn etc). Then again, some of his other works, are shall we say, not really up to it and disappointing (i.e Knock Off, Double Team, Black Mask 2 etc).

But Tsui seems to be findly his "groove" and "magic" touch back with the successful "Detective Dee". So I really hope Flying Swords will work and will work brillantly.

A hero never dies said...

Anon, Fingers crossed, I loved New dragon inn so much, one of my favourite Maggie Cheung performances ever. I did really enjoy Detective Dee, it was far from perfect but it did prove to me that Hark still does have some of the old magic left in him!

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