Saturday, April 16, 2011

Posters For The Anthony Wong Film Punished

Cool posters for Law Wing Cheong's Punished starring Anthony Wong and Richie Jen. The movie has had a pretty lukewarm reception from some trade reviewers and a similar reaction from YTSL, however I still have quite high hopes that it will be just my thing!

The dvd can't arrive fast enough.


Anonymous said...

Hong Kong-made films set in Hong Kong with local topics is getting rarer these days because of the larger mainland market and the need to satisfy the mainland censors. The fact this film got made at all means it deserve support (by watching it in cinemas if possible). My only hope is that the director and actors will reward the Hong Kong movie fan faithful.

A hero never dies said...

I would love the chance to see the latest HK movies @ the cinema, unfortunately they are released in the UK so rarely. So I support in the best way I can which is to buy the DVDs when available.

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