Friday, April 22, 2011

Hong Kong Movie Location : The Mission

I've made no secret that Johnnie To's The Mission is in my top two Hong Kong movies ever made and so I was extremely excited to visit the location of the movies crowning glory, the shopping mall shootout. Picked out from the end credits of the movie, the Tsuen Wan plaza was the place I had to find.

Tsuen Wan is a little off the tourist map but is served by the excellent MTR underground rail service and was pretty easy to find. I assume not many tourists visit based on the surprised faces and odd looks we received from the locals.

Tsuen Wan plaza
Once inside the mall we headed straight for the central area where the escalators are and tried to figure out which floor the main part of the shootout was filmed on. I had taken only two photos and was lining up a third, when we were approached by an angry looking man and three security guards, we were asked to leave and told that photos were not allowed. I tried to explain, but the manager of the mall was having none of it and insisted that we leave. I told him I would take no more photos and put the camera away, as his English wasn't great and my Cantonese non existent, I think as much out of irritation as agreement he said okay. We were allowed to look around the rest of the mall, but we had two guards following us until we left! It was pretty funny really.

It turns out I was on the wrong floor for this next shot, but by the time I realised we already had our chaperones!

It was a real shame, I could have taken some great shots but had to make do with just these two, it was great though looking around the place, replaying the movie in my head.

The Tsuen Wan plaza was recently refurbished and looks quite different now. As well as The Mission the mall was also used in I love Hong Kong. There aren't any decent shots of it in that movie really but here is one to give an idea.

More movie locations to come soon.


YTSL said...

Hi A Hero Never Dies --

Did you go to the restaurant that features in the end part of "The Mission"? It's a Chiu Chow eatery in Kowloon City. I've had a couple of meals there. :)

A hero never dies said...

I would love to have YTSL but the plaza was the only one I knew at the time, next time for sure though! If it's still there anyway, since everything seems to be being demolished these days.

A. said...

Ouch. That's a bummer about the photos. Such a out of place trip only to be told to stop. Ah well. Must have been exciting just to be there though!

Kingwho? said...

Cool post, AHND!

Must have been cool visiting the area of such a memorable scene. Great stuff!

A hero never dies said...

It was awesome, I was lucky to get those two shots before the gwailo alarm went off, after all I was such a threat to security!

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