Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen RIP

When I got up this morning I saw (here) the terribly sad news that Elisabeth Sladen had died yesterday aged 63. For many Doctor Who fans around my age she was their favourite Who companion and went onto gain a whole new legion of fans from her appearances in the reboot of Doctor Who and in her own spin off show The Sarah Jane adventures for the CBBC children's channel. This show for me set a benchmark for modern children's television. A show that despite being "a mere kids show" often had more depth than much of what passes for adult programming these days. All held together by the wonderful presence of Elisabeth.

Her final appearance in Doctor Who in The End of time, which was a difficult watch anyway will now be an even more heartbreaking one.

Elisabeth Sladen, a very talented actress who will be sorely missed by many.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

In America, she was the first Doctor Who "companion" I was ever aware of since the Tom Baker Dr. Who was the one that first gained a lot of popularity here.

Very sad news indeed.

Amber said...

This made me so sad.

A hero never dies said...

Yes, what should have been a weekend to celebrate for Who fans with the return of the show, will now be tinged with sadness.

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