Monday, February 14, 2011

Tsui Hark's The Blade French Dvd Box Set

Tsui Hark's The Blade was (and still is) one of the seminal Hong Kong movies, its a film with ferocious power and it really hit me hard when I first saw it, but like many HK classics its had a rough time on home video. I recently had the good fortune to score the French limited edition dvd box set of the film from HKVideo, and my god is it fantastic.

Box front
I am not going to go into full detail about it now, but I wanted to post pics to show just how much love and respect this company shows to our beloved Hong Kong cinema, sure Hong Kong legends released some fine dvds (and didn't get enough love from some of the more pedantic fans around the internet) but this set is fantastic, I have seen flashier boxes with more elaborate trinkets but this has to be the best deluxe edition of an HK film ever released.

Dvd cover
You can also buy a standard dvd edition which looks just like the pic above, this is a single disc in a digipac.

Inside of dvd digipac
Le film as the French so eloquently put it
If you get the standard version though, you miss out on a book (In French admittedly, but it has some great photos in it, and a great reason to brush up on your French!), twelve postcards and a second dvd of extras.

Le book (I'm on a roll now)
Le postc, oh forget it
Second dvd
I am planning to do a comparison of this dvd with the UK dvd soon, similar to the one I did for The Mission dvds. The French dvd looks absolutely stunning and is a massive improvement over everything else available, legitimately at least. I will probably do something about the extras too.

One last thing for this post, visit I don't see it on many blog lists and Mike is a great writer with a serious pedigree and a long lasting love of Hong Kong cinema.


Reanaclaire said...

Hello, visiting you for the first time.. hope you can drop me an email regarding to movie reviews..



achillesgirl said...

awesome, Hero. This movie deserves a good release.

Tim Chuma said...

Even the dodgy version available of this movie is the one in French. Not sure why it was never released with English subs.

A hero never dies said...

Hi Tim, Welcome to the blog.

It maybe a rights issue I suppose. It's very rare for French dvds of non English language movies to have English subs anymore.

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