Monday, February 28, 2011

First Tentative Steps Into Cat III : Naked Killer

After listening to Kingwho? and SleazyK's podcast about Cat III movies This week in sleaze and really enjoying it, I thought it was time to catch up on some category III movies, as despite being a fan of Hong Kong cinema for almost 25 years, the only truly Cat III film I remember watching is Herman Yau's The Ebola syndrome, which I picked up on my first trip to Hong Kong way back in 1998. I had heard of the film, but didn't really know much about it. It was quite a surprise to be honest and I didn't like it at all, thoroughly mean spirited and nasty and despite Anthony Wong's great (?) performance, not one I will be in a rush to see again. For my first steps back into the (cess)pool of Cat III, I decided on something to ease myself in gently, the Clarence Fok directed, Wong Jing produced Naked Killer.

A film that I would imagine most HK cinema fans will have seen at some point, for some reason its one I never got around to. I saw the films trailer on another dvd, and it is absolutely fantastic, it sells the film perfectly and its easy to see why the movie found its audience. Produced to cash in on the success of Basic Instinct, this movie adds a distinctly Hong Kong flavour to that films excess and the result is much predictably much more fun.

Didn't want to much to be on show but anyone who has seen the film will know what this is!

Simon Yam, Carrie Ng and Chingmy Yau star in this sex and violence packed romp, its a fun ride that hits all the right notes for its target audience. The action scenes are handled quite nicely, and plenty of skin is on show, although it is a little more coy than I was expecting.

Simon Yam, ever the professional no matter what the film is, tries hard to add some depth to the thin character he is given, and he receives pretty good back up from regular Milkyway image comic foil Hui Siu Hung, although I'm not at all sure about the sequence with the sausages!

Naked killer really belongs to the girls, with Carrie Ng vamping it up to eleven, she is great in the action scenes and handles everything else with gusto! Including her lesbian scenes with her killer partner Baby, played by Sugawara Madoka, who provides the only real nudity in the movie. Chingmy Yau looks as stunning as ever and although she never really convinces as a killer, she does okay in her action scenes, and did I mention she looks amazing!

Clarence Fok may not be the best director in the world, but he manages with the help of his crew, not least the cinematographer Peter Pau, to make this film look incredible for the money it must have cost, with locations, production design and some outlandish outfits combining with the beautiful cast to make this look like a really expensive production. I can't imagine anyone who seeks this film out, not finding something to enjoy in its sheer trashiness.

Next up on my Category III odyssey is The Story of Ricky, then things will turn much darker as I have Taxi hunter, The untold story and Dr. Lamb all on the way, will I be able to stand the Cat III horror ? Stay tuned....


YTSL said...

I would not peg myself as a Category III movie fan by any means but funnily enough, I've seen "Naked Killer", "The Story of Ricky", "Taxi Hunter", "The Untold Story" *and* "Dr Lamb"! And I honestly feel that they all have something to recommend about them. :D

Kingwho? said...

First foray's into CAT III? Really? Off to a fun start with Naked Killer. It's CAT III-lite but a great start! Have you seen Sex and Zen, yet? I think that would be a good second or third film before getting really nasty with the Untold Story and Dr. Lamb. The later films are in way different leagues. Taxi Hunter is CAT II, I believe, but still an awesome movie.

Our next podcast should be released in about 2 weeks (March 14th. Tenative date) and it's ALL about Dr. Lamb and another film based on the famous case, Hong Kong Butcher. If you can, watch Dr. Lamb in conjunction with listening to the podcast? =P

Our 3rd podcast is going to be about Sex & Zen =)

Great post! Hope to read more about your CAT III experiences.

Diana said...

I have been fascinated by Cat III more in terms of their reputation than anything else. Kind of the equivalent of the old "banned in Boston" label, it becomes more desirable because you are being warned away.

I have seen "Sex and Zen" which I thought was outrageously funny and just a couple of weeks ago bought and saw for the first time "The Story of Ricky" which I hadn't realized was Cat III. I was just was curious about seeing this early flick of Fan Siu-Wong and had no idea of of the violence and blood that was in store for me. My first CAT III was "Naked Killer" but I kind of wondered what the fuss was about to tell you the truth.

I read recently that even American films have returned to the days of the kiss to some sort of fadeout which leaves the sex to ones own imagination. A good sex scenes may be a dying art form.

A hero never dies said...

YTSL, I have a post on Ricky almost ready to go, Dr Lamb has arrived and I'm still waiting for the others, so we will see.

Kingwho?, Apart from Ebola syndrome, I have only seen triad Cat III stuff, I did forget Dream home though. Dr Lamb will be next up! So I am really looking forward to your next podcast.

Diana, I know what you mean, its kind of like the interest I had with our video nasties in the 80's, because you shouldn't you want to more. I think if I had seen Naked killer way back I would have been disappointed with it, but seeing it now I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Taylor said...

It's a shame that Clarence never went to America to make movies or at least become a TV director. I would have loved to have seen him direct episodes of La Femme Nikita, Nikita and Blindspot.

Alexis Ogg said...

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