Friday, January 21, 2011

Box Full Of Blood, Testosterone And Lots Of Sweat

A box of manly goodness just arrived from my friend the postman, the scent of blood and sweat all over it. Inside were Gordon Chan and Dante Lam's Beast cops, this is the region 2 Hong Kong legends dvd, which I will be covering in more depth very soon, having had a quick look at it the image looks fantastic, a massive improvement over the old Megastar dvd. Looking forward to seeing it again, Anthony Wong is amazing in this.

Next up Chuck Bronson in The Mechanic, I'm a big fan of the Bronson and this is one I've never seen, and what better time to see it than now the Jason Statham remake is due for release.

The Walter Hill collection is a box set of six of Hill's movies, it includes The Warriors, Southern comfort, The Long riders, The Driver, Johnny Handsome and Extreme prejudice, that last one is where most of the blood and sweat came from. If you haven't seen it, Extreme prejudice is one of the most fun westerns I have ever seen, with an incredible cast all trying to out do each other. Its basically a riff on The Wild bunch and just awesome.

Speaking of The Wild bunch, the last item in the box was the Sam Peckinpah biography If they move...Kill'em! An amazing filmmaker but by all accounts a seriously flawed man, this should be a fascinating read.


Wes Moynihan said...

That Peckinpah book is really great M, if you haven't picked it up yet,you're in for a treat. The audio commentaries by Peckinpah biographers Nick Redman, Paul Seydor, Garner Simmons, and David Weddle (on many of his DVDs) are gold.

A hero never dies said...

Not started it yet Wes, I am looking forward to it but I have quite a few books I'm part way through, too many to start another anyway!

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