Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wong Tin Lam R.I.P

Wong Tin Lam passed away peacefully on the 16th of November and I just wanted to comment on him briefly through the work I know him best for, his work with Johnnie To and Milkyway image.

My favourite of his performances is in The Longest Nite where he exudes menace in such a convincing manner, I find every scene is extremely uncomfortable. Other favourites are his role in The Mission and as the triad uncle in the Election films but I cannot think of a performance from him that I haven't enjoyed and as such any film I see him in I always think is better for him being in it, even if the film itself is not so good.

The Milkyway films do not begin to cover the career of Wong Tin Lam, he was a prolific director from the 1950's onwards with over a hundred credits, he was also the father of Wong Jing but we won't hold that against him, if you are interested in the rest of his career then check out his imdb page.

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YTSL said...

Wong Tin Lam's filmography is very much worth checking out -- and by this, I definitely include his directorial efforts as well as films he graced as a character actor.

My favorites of his films as a director is THE WILD WILD ROSE (1960) and THE GREATEST CIVIL WAR ON EARTH (1961). Both are available on DVD.

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